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Preparing for Dialysis

8 Ways to Prepare for Dialysis


Whether it’s your first treatment or your fiftieth, it’s good to have a game plan for dialysis. Here are eight ways to help you prepare and to maintain your quality of life on dialysis.


Be a good student

Stay in the know about your condition and learn from your kidney care team. 


Have conversations


Talk to loved ones and friends about your need for dialysis and how you’re feeling. Getting support early and often can help you feel prepared for dialysis.


Decisions, decisions … about dialysis


Discuss your treatment options with your nephrologist so you can work together to find just the right fit. 


Patients to the rescue


Reach out to people who can relate to what you’re going through. Current dialysis patients can help you navigate the ins and outs of dialysis preparation.


From point A to point B


Map out which centres and medical facilities are close to where you live or work, so you can plan comfortable and convenient transportation. Find a centre near you.


All-access pass to dialysis


To receive dialysis, you’ll need to undergo a procedure to place access, which allows your blood to travel to and from the dialysis machine. Your nephrologist will discuss how to prepare for the access-placement surgery once you decide on a treatment. Ask your nephrologist for more information.


Keep your job


Staying on the job when you need dialysis is vital to your well-being, both mentally and financially. Talk to your employer about how your job can be tailored to your needs once you begin treatment.


Kidney-friendly eating


Pay attention to what you eat. Create a kidney-friendly diet and stick to it. You’ll be eating foods that are both delicious and kidney-friendly in no time.                                

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